Helping Chinsisi Jonasi

An exciting area of our work in Africa is partnering with AfriCare Foundation, an existing Christian non-profit organization.  Their principal objective is to reduce child mortality in Africa.  Stand as One provides all the food product for their work, giving them more resources to deal with the poverty, disease, neglect and abuse.  

Our partner is Nicole van Elteren.  Her latest update was concerning a young child named Chinsisi Jonasi.  She is the child of rape.  Her mother is an epileptic patient, and is mentally unsound.  When Chinsisi was born she refused to breastfeed.  Last month her mother left the house and has not been seen since.  

Chinsisi’s grandmother has been her caregiver.  She has been supporting her three daughters in very poor living conditions.  There were no funds for Lactogen baby milk, so was feeding the baby maize phala.  In July 2015 she brought Chinsisi to the Nkhoma Hospital.  The baby had severe malnutrition and was severely dehydrated.  She stayed in hospital for one month.

When discharged AfriCare started assisting the grandmother with Lactogen Milk powder and Likuni phala.  They also provided soap, bottles and clothes.  Last years harvest has been consumed, so they are providing maize until next spring’s harvest is in.

Africare now provides a safe dry house for them.  They are teaching them “Farming Gods’s Way”, plus paying hospital fees so the pregnant daughter will deliver her baby in the hospital, not at home.  They have also counselled to youngest daughter to return to school and provided supplies.  

It is a joy to partner with AfriCare and see a whole family be fed, counselled, and taught how to be sustainable again.

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