Soy Milk and Improved Lives

Thandizo Orphan Care Program is an existing program in Nkhoma, Malawi.  Their purpose is to monitor and aid the orphans being raised by families in the community.  Stand as One Ministry is partnering with them to provide nutrition to these children.  We have set up soy milk production factories where enough milk is produced to supply 619 children a cup of soy milk every day, 5 days a week. 

The latest report from Nkhoma is excellent.  Statistics from the hospital show a reduction in malnutrition cases over the past 6 months.  Physical growth has improved tremendously as growth measurements are compared.  Performance at school has improved. 

Stand as One is also providing opportunities for adults in the community to be trained.  Some run the soy production, and others use bikes to deliver the milk to the schools daily.  For this they are paid a stipend that has improved their lives.  William, one of the delivery men says, “I have managed to buy 2 pigs, 16 iron sheets, and am now planning to mold bricks to build a 2 bedroom house.”  Liness, a widow who works in the soy milk production, says, “I am able to buy basic necessities like sugar, soap, salt and clothes for my kids.  I bought a bag of fertilizer this past growing season.”

As our factory manager, Watson, has pointed out, “Life is not the same since the program started on Feb. 17, 2014.  Seeing poor kids having a cup of soy milk 5 times a week, we see the hand of the Lord working.”

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