Ride Day!

“What a fabulous day!” was the sentiment at four locations on Saturday, October 3, as groups worked out and worked hard to raise money for Stand As One.  

An enthusiastic group of 15km walkers and 50km cyclists made a day of fun in Smithers, BC. The scenery and fall colours were stunning.  Barry and Jacquie Lester did a super job of planning the outing for the 22 on team ‘Saddles for Soya’, and enjoyed an evening barbeque with the satisfied participants.  

Dan Schat organized 25 eager cyclists, on three teams, at the Richmond/Vancouver ride site. They had an early 8am start, under blue skies, and powered through their 50 km course.

Victoria, BC had 6 ‘Stand As One’ riders and happily joined the bigger group to pedal hard and raise funds for the goal!



Riders in Langley were greeted by fog, but all 21 riders set off with determination and were rewarded with warmth and blue skies soon.  Irene Schat had organized and encouraged the gang of 4 teams, who enjoyed interacting (man speak for competing) on the quiet streets with the other riders.  

When all was pedalled and done, $37,000 was raised for ‘Stand As One’.  This made us the 10th highest fundraising team in Canada!  This is incredibly exciting and we look forward to blogging in the near future about the results these funds will have on our work.


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