Malawi Floods destroy homes and crops as death tolls close to 200

Severe rains have hit Malawi in January causing a wave of flooding that has wreaked devastation to thousands of people. Estimates are over 200,000 homeless and many more have been affected due to the loss of crops as the floods destroyed everything.

As you can see from the flooding there is large areas of farmland with severe crop damage. There will be a major food shortage in this area and many will be in a severe crisis. We have already sent emergency funds for food relief but there is much more needed.

Please join Stand as One Ministry as we help those who are suffering. Please donate to aid in food relief for Malawi.


Right now, over 320,000 children are in desperate need of humanitarian help. Stagnant flood water carries disease, and the lack of clean water means that children are in danger from malaria, diarrhea and other illness.

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