Training Day in Kalulu Village

Stand as One Ministry is working closely with the Kalulu village in Malawi to help this village lift themselves out of extreme poverty. Our Village Project, managed by Karin van Meeuwen, is located about 45 minutes from where she lives in Lilongwe.  Her latest visit involved the distribution of Likuni Phala, a nutritional maize porridge.  Most families are exhausting their corn reserve and need more food to get them thru to next year.  Karin was able to show the families the easy preparation.

Grandma is cooking on the “fuel saving stove” that Karin helped them construct, although more encouragement is needed to get them to use less wood.  

The adults were all enthusiastic to learn, even the chief was hard at work.  The adults were working on a fence to protect the garden plot that was donated to our work, another chance to educate the “Farming God’s Way” program.  It is a great plot, near the river, and a borehole has been dug to aid in watering.  

The work also includes laying a “blanket” of corn sticks and leaves as ground cover to aid the growth of the vegetables.  

Plus, fun and creativity were evident, as the empty phala bags were converted into purses!

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