Building Hope Mexico, 2015

There were 17 eager workers, on 2 vans, heading south from San Diego on the afternoon of Dec 28, 2015.  The whole adventure was ahead.  We were welcomed to our accommodation in Vincente Guerrero during a rain storm, but those were the only clouds we saw all week.

The teams were assigned, the building sites allocated, and the next morning broke clear and cold. Team One was building a home for Ernesto, Margarita, Ernesto Jr., Mathilde, Machlovia, Yurida, Omar,  Abraham and baby Irene.  We were blessed to have this large crew of willing helpers!  Team Two was building a home for Eusibio, Javiera, Paloma and Jose.  

When we arrived the building sites had been levelled, the concrete pad poured and the wood, siding and roofing materials were arriving.  The plans are studied and work begins.  It is a return to form for the experienced, and a cacophony of confusion for the rookies!

The houses rise!  It is awesome to see the teamwork and energy, the fun and expertise, the anticipation of the families, and the friendships formed.  As the dust settles on day 4 we are almost done.  Preparation for the Key Presentation Ceremony begins.  

We know we have created a solid, safe and secure home for these beautiful families.  Our hearts swell with emotion as we say goodbye.

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