Crisis food ready for distribution in Malawi

The last month has been spent in production of our Fedwell chickpea and millet packages, with Malawian locals thrilled to be working with us.  Now there is enough to start distributing.  There have now been 1000 bags (3Kg each constituting 33 meals)  given out.

Loading the truck!

Loading the truck!

There has also been great success from our practise garden as well!  Beautiful carrots are mature and have made the people very excited.

Happy faces!!  First carrots!

Happy faces!!  First carrots!

The practice garden is being harvested, with the village chief joining in also.  

An example of how necessary this program is we have news of a family that Nicole van Elteren has been working with.  The Kangunje family are farmers in rural Milawi.  They have 6 children.  Last year they were only able to plant one crop, maize, and due to no funds left for fertilizer, their harvest was only one bag of maize.  This lasted only until May.  With no work available to supplement their income they have had little food.  Young Lucas was admitted to Nkhoma hospital a few weeks ago, but his condition was too advanced, and on Sunday, Jan. 24th he died.

Nicole has now been able to supply them with Fedwell Phala made and donated by Stand as One Ministry and Alpha Foundation.  This ensures the children can now have 3 nutritious meals a day.  

As you would expect there are so many other families in this same situation due to last year’s poor harvest.  Any prayer is crucial.  

Any donations will go directly to help fight the hunger.  

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