More families in need!

Nicole just  sent the following report:

“On January 21 one thousand packets of Fedwell Phala were delivered!  God’s timing is perfect!  I was previously distributing maize that I had stored, but on Jan. 20 I ran out of stock.  It is now too expensive to buy ($25 per bag and going up each week), but I learned again not to worry but trust God.

I am currently feeding 120 families who have no food.  In the first week after delivery, I handed out 120 packets.  The Fedwell Phala is life saving for them.


When Nicole was visiting the village of Ndiwo she learned of 2 year old Chisomo.  Soon after Chisomo was born her father ran away, leaving her mother alone to care for her.  The maize she harvested last year ran out in August 2015, leaving her to find daily work to survive.  These jobs are scarce, and she has had no work for a while.  Nicole found Chisomo in very poor health.  When the mother was asked what she was feeding her she answered that she was breastfeeding only, but had very little breast milk at this point.  Chisomo was continually crying because she was incredibly hungry.  

Nicole provided them with Fedwell Phala.  Chisomo is now having three meals a day.  We are so thankful God sent Nicole to this village, because of which help for Chisomo came in time.

If you would like to help feed children like Chisomo ~ please donate.

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