Nicole and her Growing Family

Nicole’s main mission is to provide home-based care for struggling families.  She monitors their personal health, and their “income” health.  At present she has 150 kids in this program.  Due to support from Stand As One, she can offer them food, and also professional “Farming God’s Way” instruction to help the families increase their ability to provide for themselves.  

She also sees needs that are without solutions, so has opened her home to 10 children at present.

Nicole's happy and increasingly healthy family

Nicole’s happy and increasingly healthy family

Some children are there temporarily as their health improves.  Others will be staying longer. Mika is a 9 month old, handsome, happy little boy.  He came to Nicole’s because of a mentally unstable mother.  He is struggling with cerebral malaria right now, meaning many hospital trips, but there has been great improvement.  

Eneless and Jonas are siblings born to an undiagnosed HIV mother.  Her condition was discovered a year ago as her health failed.  They are now orphaned, and ostracized by their village.  Nicole took them in.  Hospital care was obviously needed.  They both had stage 4 HIV, TB, and severe malnutrition.  It has been three months, but look at the difference in little Eneless! 

Zenet is 11.  Poverty, mother’s remarriage, lack of food, lack of health care and severe malnutrition all contributed to months of very poor health and lack of care. She came to Nicole’s. She is now energetic, and in school.  

She, and all the others, are discovering a whole new world of health and love in this growing family.

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