The youngsters are getting it!

There is “teaching and learning” happening in the villages surrounding Nkoma.  Stand as One Ministry is funding a program promoting youngsters to grow soybeans.  They learn proper farming techniques, and are divided into groups of 4-6.  Each is given 4kg of soy seeds and a small plot of land.  Nov 2014 was the first attempt, however, rains were poor, and so was the harvest.

Nov. 2015 saw 10 groups make the attempt.  When harvests started to come in May, the first group brought in 112 kg.  The other groups harvest ranged from 40 – 129kg.  There was an excited winning group at our rewards ceremony!  We look forward to registration in Nov. 2016.

One young man in the winning group is Shadreck.  He has developed his own demonstration garden in his village of Nguluwe.  He is composting, growing maize and soy, and building fuel saving stoves.  The future looks so promising!

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