Nicole’s Unexpected Rescue

On a mobile outreach day in late July 2016, Nicole and a group of visitors from America travelled to a village to share the gospel and play sports with the villagers. They learned that someone in the village had died the night before and a funeral that day would mean that only the children would be joining in.  As she was setting up she heard ladies talking about the fact that it was a young mother who died, and she had left two little babies.  Nicole asked to see the babies and found them in a hut next to their deceased mother.  The facts were that the woman was the fifth wife to her husband, they had 3 other children, and the husband had 25 children between all his wives.  He took no responsibility for any children and doesn’t support his wives.  When Nicole asked about who would care for the babies she received the terrifying response that due to superstition the father wanted them to be buried alive with the mother that day.  The chief and grandmother wanted a different solution and pleaded with Nicole to take the babies to her home…and so she did.

In her words, “It could not be a coincidence that I was in the village just a few hours before the children would be buried with their mother.  God sent me there to save these two little, innocent babies.  I’m currently discussing the future of these two children with the family.”

Nicole is always willing to provide care for those in desperate need.  Adding these two babies to her “family” means there are 12 children in her home!

A plea was put out for donations of cloth diapers, of which an abundance has been collected. Irene was also able to purchase some durable Tupperware at cost from Megan and Kristin, two generous Representatives.  We want to give a huge Thank You to all of these willing donors!  Dan and Irene will be travelling to Malawi in mid-August.  They will take these necessary items with them, and get to meet Nicole’s growing family.

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