Imagine for a moment…Having to flee your village because of rocket attacks between dueling factions…fearing for your life… being in refugee camps up to 6 years, no hope of returning home… no roof on your shelter… knowing your children are not getting adequate nutrition.  Just imagine.

Then imagine… love being shown in practical ways…roofs being built…food being given and meals made for you and your family.

Both scenarios are the reality for thousands in refugee camps in Northern Myanmar.  Dan and Simon Thaung were able to travel 1000 miles, with 240,000 servings of Alpha Nutri Soup (10 tons), to 6 camps, where they were also able to bring supplies to build roofs on the shelters.

Stand As One Ministry was able to partner with Fedwell Foods to provide the Alpha Nutri Soup, plus donate towards the roofing costs.  This is why we give.

To help feed families in Myanmar please give to our nutrition program.

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