Forever Thankful!

We have received reports from both Karin and Nicole that make us smile.  Both are expressing their joy at the state of the villages and communities that we have been supporting with your donations.

This video shows the community singing their THANKS for our donations and their health.

Nicole let us know that the hunger season is over, and the 50 families we helped were busy harvesting green maize and pumpkins from their gardens.  The 50 families together have 275 children!  Every child received 5 months of maize, soya and beans, plus 2 pieces of soap. Vulnerable infants under 2 years old were given Lactogen baby milk.  Without these supplies, many children would not have survived.

Karin is seeing positive signs in the health of the children in Kalulu Village.  The public health nurse has reported that their health is an exception in the area she works, there is no severe malnutrition; the children’s health has dramatically improved in the last 2 years.  The villagers were very happy to receive food in payment for their hard work in preparing the land for planting at the Harvest Centre

All donations are still very welcome as both these teams continue to train all these families to become sustainable.  In the meantime, however, take a moment to realize that these children are thriving and the parents are forever thankful for this!

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