We all Need to Feel Success and Purpose.

“Giving with Engagement offers the receiver the opportunity to feel success, sense of purpose and self worth.”

This quote is from Victoria Dix, a Canadian nurse, after her recent visit to Africa.  Her touring of Nkhoma and Kalulu Village cemented in her mind the value of being engaged in the community you want to help. She saw clearly how Stand As One took the time to understand the needs of the people and how our work to help them meet these needs has resulted in their having a source of food and nutrition, along with accomplishment and pride.

After visiting several areas in Africa, Victoria and her son Gabe came to Kalulu Village where our contact Karin van Neewen has been implementing “Foundations for Farming”.  The gardens themselves were outstanding, but what struck her most was the attitude of the villagers.  She felt she had arrived in a different country!  They stood taller, looked infinitely healthier, and were anxious and proud to show off their tidy, well cared for gardens, THEIR accomplishment.

The training and ongoing support Stand As One offers impressed her, as they have definitely helped to meet the actual needs of this village.

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