Orphans, Soy Beans and Success

We have just received a great update from Willeke Ter Haar on her work with members of the Orphan Care Program and their progress with the Soy Bean Project.  Stand As One has been involved by providing Farming training.  We are pleased to know our donors have given these young people a nudge towards financial independence.  Each one may end up echoing a school boy’s sentiment, “my future looks brighter now!”.  Have these classes helped?  Read on!

Tengani has taken his training and run with it! He started with soy beans, from a 2kg starter pack he returned with 100 kg.  With the profits, he bought his first chicken. Within 9 months he had 28 chickens.  He has also learned how to farm tomatoes, which he will sell to local vendors.  He can now afford his portion of school fees, plus clothes and a backpack.  You inspire us Tengani!





Lenard has been making his mom, sister and grandmother very proud. He had great success with his soybeans, using the profits to buy a goat.  He is making his own compost and happy for any new challenges.  He has also developed a love for art, and his talent has brought neighbours asking him to make drawings in their homes.  Lenard is on his way to having the means to support himself and his own family.









Ella Kondwerani is 14 years old.  She is another young entrepreneur who has benefited from a great crop this year.  She invested in a pig, and a new purse and clothes.  Her desire to do well will result in continued learning and success.


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