Kalulu Chronicles-news from the real fields!

We are going to share some stories of regular people in Kalulu Village who have been impacted by our Foundations for Farming training.  Karin van Meeuwen has sent some updates, and it’s about people who you need to know!




The Chief from Kalulu is a huge supporter of our Farming Training, our gospel message, and the lifestyle guidance we offer.  He has been composting and improving his plots.  The demonstration plot we use was his donation, and he insists we continue to train him and his village.

This family is Saulus, Regina and year old Lyica. They have started coming to our training sessions, have built an “energy saving stove”, and have used the new farming methods on a small section of their land. Both improvements brought big rewards, so Saulus if going to use his new skills on all his land this year, with profits going towards iron sheeting for their leaky home.

Meet Mr. Mwase, who had been learning from our program, and wants to learn more!  He is collecting pig manure, mixing it with maize cuttings, which he used on part of his land, and also sold to others. The benefit to his crop was 4 times greater production. He is sorry he didn’t start this practice on his whole plot, but definitely will this year.

Our friend shown here is making changes too.  She planting vegetables around her home, uses manure to fertilize, and her bathing water to water them. Her area isn’t fenced, but these beans grow so high the goats can’t eat them!  She harvests the beans from her roof.  Other villagers are wanting her seeds. Due to her training, she will plant her field, instead of rent it out, and reap a much bigger harvest.

These women are impressed with our program, have seen benefits and are now starting their own journey to increase their harvest and diversity of food.  In this picture, they have just planted moringa trees.  They have noticed that the children who have had 2-3 teaspoons of moringa leaf powder have shown huge health improvements, now theirs will too.

Now we meet Mr. Skaliot, a widower who lives on his own.  He no longer farms but has kept a vegetable garden for some time.  He has now learned how to blanket the ground.  This has resulted in using less water, and a larger harvest. He is so thankful for the training and the opportunity to grow enough food to last all year.

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