ANAMED – Action for Natural Medicine

Here are our 5 trainees for ANAMED

which stands for Action for Natural Medicine

An integral aspect of the Medical Centre’s success will be the Medicinal Garden, the access to these plants and the appropriate harvesting and use. This will be achieved in cooperation with ANAMED and the training they offer. Let’s meet 2 of our trainees.

Dyson Chodzaza is 27 and married with a young daughter. He finished high school and 2 years of teaching college before coming to work at Mitongwe in 2020. In his words, “I would like to help the community with medicines that are locally available, to increase my skills and knowledge of the resources that might be required when a certain disease has been found. I had a decision before to become a doctor but because of financial problems, I failed and now take this as an advantage.”
Veronica Frackson is 24 and the divorced mother of 2 young girls. She was unable to finish her schooling after being selected for an advanced program, due to financial problems. She has worked at Mitongwe since 2020. “I would like to know about medicines, how to use them and when so that we as a community can find treatments without visiting a hospital. I will also teach others to have this knowledge of using the medicines that are locally available.”

Medical Center in memory of Victoria & Gabe Dix

The plans for the Medical Centre in memory of Victoria and Gabe Dix at Mitongwe are underway, it is exciting to see the discussions and dreams of Gabe Dix inspire the project. Gabe was dedicated to offering affordable health care to the poorest of the poor. This dream is fueling the design and the range of care the local communities will be able to access.

There are numerous moving parts that will add to the success, our Medicinal Garden is growing, training is beginning for 5 applicants in the ANaMed system, an International Christian Organization focused on creating awareness at the community level about the use of medical plants. (see the bio on 2 of these key people below) Dehydrators are being set in place to make tinctures. Dan is continuing to research and develop the Community Health Evangelism Program, designed to integrate evangelism and discipleship with community health and development. All these integral pieces and more will contribute to a Medical Clinic that will serve a myriad of needs in the local communities.

Our fundraising is now $24,000 towards our goal of $75,000

We now have a Community Center

The building is complete and ready for the activity and crowds and teaching and learning and reading. Whew! The impacts will be felt by the local women and youth, the children, and the farmers and ranchers in so many ways.