A Container of Amazing!

We have such GOOD NEWS. The development of a container of goods from Canada to Malawi has gone from “great idea”, to “viable concept”, to “being in process” and now to “COMPLETION”! Stand As One has partnered with Compassionate Resource Warehouse in Victoria BC. Here is some insight into their work taken from their website…

“The CRW is dedicated to helping others by sharing our cast-off abundance and wealth with those not similarly blessed. Our society has a superabundance of stuff that continues to have a useful lifespan. We gather these surplus items from our region and add them to new items crafted and donated by volunteers across Canada. All these goods, which may include quality medical equipment and supplies, clothing, linens, educational materials, tools, sewing machines, toys and bicycles, are carefully loaded into 40-foot containers and shipped. All items shipped are clean, appropriate and in good repair.”

Our fundraising plea was successful, THANK YOU! to all who donated so quickly to this project. Dan and Irene were able to go to Victoria this week, March 11 and 12, to work with the CRW team of volunteers (up to 20 per day). The container is now filled and ready for shipment, expecting to arrive in Malawi by the end of June.

Kalulu Village and Mitongwe Woodland Reserve will benefit in so many ways. There are books, tables, toys and learning supplies etc for the schools; there is basic and specialized medical equipment including gowns, linens, maternity packs, splints etc for our future medical clinic; there are bikes and repair equipment; there are farming tools, sewing machines and fabric supplies, blankets, chairs and a piano for the church… it is mind-boggling but so awesome. Enjoy the photos and videos. We are thankful beyond measure.