Agogo Feeding Program

The heart of what we do in Malawi is to lift people out of poverty in sustainable ways. But there are some groups that are more challenged than others, such as the Agogos (the grandparents). Often it is the grandmothers who are left to care for their grandchildren and have little resources to do so. As they have aged through a long life of hard labour they no longer have the capacity to work their lands in order to provide proper care. This is also a challenge for many of the rural farmers, the poor seed and poor soil quality hamper their production of enough food for their immediate family.  So we have a program in the short term that helps feed the elderly and the very poor. The long-term objective would be for the communities to take care of their elderly. We are hoping through our training centres that the rural farmers would become more productive and community care will be a reality.

At present we are:

  • Providing food for 240 agogos.
  • Providing food for 1000 children a day
  • Developing a school nutrition program
  • Training agogos to compost
  • Training agogos to have vegetable gardens
  • Having the community soccer teams build fuel-efficient stoves where needs are. This decreases their labour by 66% and saves that many trees as well, which also impacts the erosion issue and soil health.

Why are we doing this?

The cycle of poverty for many elderly people in Malawi is a devastating one. During the hunger season many reduce their intake completely or allow one meal a day due to the lack of money to buy more food and the inability to grow enough food to last for the whole year.  Tragically the cost of maize often doubles or triples during hunger season, thus impacting them even more.  Many other things affect food production, including poor rains, lack of money for fertilizer, poor soil quality, erosion, desertification and poor seed variety. This often creates a feeling of hopelessness in many of the elderly people in Malawi, but there is hope. At Stand as One Ministry we provide opportunities through community development projects for people to learn new methods, to take care of each other, to love each other and to lift each other up.

How we work

Growing food to feed the hungry is a definite priority for us and there are multiple opportunities to develop this. Our training programs give us a chance to plant and harvest crops that are then donated to needs within the area. We are also rewarding our farmers faithfully using our training by purchasing their extra maize and soybeans to use for these needs. Donations in the meantime have enabled us to provide food for many of the grandmothers (Agogos). We provide opportunities for the agogos to attend training sessions where they can learn how to plant vegetable gardens, improve their soil health with composting, plant trees that bear fruits at different times of the year, and many more ideas through our agroforestry training centre.

How you can help?