Animal Husbandry Program

Animal husbandry deals with the proper management of animals by providing food, shelter and protection against diseases to domestic animals.  It helps in developing high-yielding breeds of animals by crossbreeding. The real value addition to farming, which is enhanced income, is achieved by healthy animals growing to their potential.  It not only reduces the input cost for farming through the ensured supply of manure and organic fertilizers but also provides a vital source of income for sustenance.

At present

The Mitongwe Woodland and Chisomo training center over the years has promoted animal husbandry and productivity enhancements such as the introduction of new more productive breeds. This has been done across types of livestock, whether cattle or sheep. Breed improvement plays a vital role in overall productivity enhancement and directly improves the income of the farmer.

Why are we doing this?

Current challenges in Malawi with cattle rearing is widespread, with a high mortality rate of calves due to disease, parasites, poor weight, weak genetics and poor grazing land.  No planned breeding programs are followed, resulting in inbreeding of the indigenous stock and the use of inferior males in the next generation. There are no programs for health checkups and maintenance. No communal grazing and management systems are in place.

How we work

  • Enroll interested rural farmers in the program.
  • Build community corrals for managing the animals.
  • Training to recognize parasites.
  • Regular maintenance of hooves.
  • Treating illness appropriately.
  • Scheduled land grazing.

How you can help?