Buying and Building in Malawi

A view of Malawi from the roof.

Activities may go slowly in Malawi, but the pace does not slow down for Karin.  There are 2 young Dutch men who have come to help tackle quite a few tasks.  They have been letting us know what their impressions are so let’s hear it in their words…

“After almost 3 weeks we have figured it out: 3 months is too short! Tasks just take up a lot more time here, and a great deal more effort. But even so, a lot has happened over this last week.  There is a truck in the driveway! (Finally!) Negotiations over price took time, then to the Police Station to determine it wasn’t stolen, Karin got the money organized, then registration and getting ownership transferred.  Now it will spend a few days in the garage to get it safe and roadworthy. No Problem!  We were then disappointed to learn Karin would need a new Drivers License to legally allow her to transport loads over 3500 kg.  But she saved us a ton of time by passing it on her first try!

Our days are packed with so much, and even though it all seems to move so slowly, we are accomplishing a lot. The chicken coop is done, it is standing, and they are in it.

Now we are looking forward to getting the truck on the road, taking the harvest of 2 types of millet to the city, then buying the materials for the construction on Royson’s container home and getting it all to the country. When all is settled this real work can begin…my hands itch!”

So it goes.  We are all so excited to see so much work being done. We will continue to post updates on this hardworking crew.

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