Children of Promise Home


“Ana a lonjezo” Children of Promise Home.

Stand as One was involved in helping Nicole Van Elteren to start a home for at-risk babies who do not qualify for other programs. We financed the first renovation of the home and it was completed in Oct. 2013. At that time she moved in with her first two babies, Maria and Naomi.  At present Nicole is caring for 13 children.

The goals of the home are to:

  • Provide loving care
  • Supply formula, healthcare, and basic needs until the child is 2 years old
  • Create an environment for the family to visit their child frequently
  • Empower and encourage families through education and skill building, specifically in agriculture


Nicole meets our goals in many different ways, such as:

S(helter) – giving a temporary home to at-risk babies

T(raining) – teaching the moms or a family member about hygiene, nutrition, and health

A(griculture) – planting a vegetable garden at the home; helping people in the village plant a crop that will produce a good harvest

N(utrition) – feeding the babies at the home and bringing food to needy people in the community

D(evelopment) – planning to start a boarding school program for the children; teaching locals to be self-sustainable and thinking of the future