Our Vision

We are building hope for a new generation. We aim to continually promote reading and literacy in our communities. We see a hub for arts and sports activities in the Mitongwe Reserve for adults and youth, with a Children’s Corner and Mom’s and Toddler programs.

At present

Construction has begun on a new Community Center on the Reserve, which will be the facility to house the majority of these programs. We are collecting books and resources to create the library, plus children’s school supplies for the Preschool. Fundraising is in place to create the Computer Lab.

Why are we doing this?

Illiteracy is a problem throughout Malawi, resulting in many people struggling with basic daily tasks. Over the years the lack of access to affordable schooling has led to literacy rates being about 66% of adults over the age of 15. This is improving with the younger people, but many are still left out. These adults want to be able to read the newspaper, write letters, understand forms, read a simple story to their children, and join the library.

Access to books is critical to developing a greater understanding of the world, providing entertainment, advice, reference, exposure to outside cultures, practices and views. The habit of reading is encouraged, but also the thirst for knowledge and openness to new ideas. Our free Community Library will be a vital resource.

How we work

The Community Center will be funded by donors. We will pay the running costs, including teacher salaries, to provide this facility to the community. We will support adult education classes each week where reading and writing will be taught. We are organizing youth, arts and sports programs.

How you can help?