Foundations for Farming

Foundations for Farming is aimed at bringing transformation to individuals, communities & nations through faithful and productive use of the land.  We believe Foundations for Farming is a tool in the toolbox for farmers. Instead of seeing yields decrease and costs rise with the conventional methods, we are seeing the soil health improve and yields increase while methods are basic and simple. Costs remain very low, allowing this to be within the reach of rural Malawian farmers. FfF uses the ways of nature to protect and preserve the soil and harvest whatever rain a farmer is given. This is what we want to bring to the struggling villagers.

At present

It started with Kalulu Village, a community with need and the desire to change its outcome. A demonstration garden and transfer of knowledge began. Many were able to see the benefits of these conservation processes. The blanket of mulch and intercropping methods resulted in increased yields while requiring less compost or fertilizer, which are now also developed and gathered on the farm. Fast forward 5 years and we have 7 villages and 77 faithful farmers improving their lives and many people wanting the training.

There are 4 full-time trainers employed at Kalulu: Royson, Isaac, Johnny and Jonas. We have 75 faithful farmers being trained there. Enoch, Steven, Jeremiah, Deon and Maxwell are our certified staff at Mitongwe.

Why are we doing this?

Malawi is one of the poorest countries in the world. Their only natural resources are the soil and the freshwater lake, soil that could be capable of producing a diverse array of crops. But deforestation, erosion, and increasing temperatures have ruined the chance for this. Plus the current dependency on artificial fertilizers and mono-cropping deplete the soil of nutrients and health. So, crop yields are poor, an estimated 2 million people annually are affected by food insecurity, and many children are malnourished, with stunted growth and cognitive development.

We know there are ways to turn all this around.

How we work

We aim for self reliance. Giving people tools and knowledge with which they can provide for their own family, plus benefit their whole community. There are times when our finances lead to feeding programs for children and agogos in hunger crisis, yet even then conversations to seek viable solutions arise. Starting from a seemingly hopeless situation we want to continue to make a long term difference in these communities, putting Christ’s love into action.

How you can help?