Fuel-Efficient Stoves are a hit!

Being part of our soccer league at Mitongwe takes more than mere desire and skill. Our players have to do community service, namely building THREE Fuel-efficient Stoves for families in their area. They learn how to construct a stove and the value to the health of the families and to the health of the forest and wood supply. With over 700 players involved that adds up to 2100 new stoves! As of March 25, there were 1051 already constructed! What an impact on hearts and in the environment! Here is a training session for one of our Zone groups.

We are using Zoom in Malawi, and you need to know we have blown some minds with this. Our new program with “Team Up” deals with Soccer Training and a Community League. There are hundreds of youth and young adults involved! So our coordinator Graham holds a Zoom session with our coaches once a week. Our goal is to give them the information to make it more than just playing soccer and winning games, so they will see that spiritual and life skills can be developed that will impact the whole community. Technology and instruction at their best.