Fuel Efficient Stoves

The traditional method of cooking in Malawi is called “Mafuwa”, involving placing a pile of sticks on the ground surrounded by three stones. It is very inefficient and produces a large amount of smoke. We would love to see every rural household in Malawi lose the “three-stone” open fire and be provided with the training, safety and benefit of the “fuel-efficient” stove.

At present

We are able to hold training sessions in Kalulu and at Mitongwe to teach the neighbouring communities about these inexpensive stoves. Initially, the families would learn to construct their own with supplies provided by our teams and donors. Our latest success has been to incorporate our soccer teams in a community enhancement task. Each player has to select 3 seniors or needy candidates and build a stove for each of them. This is resulting in thousands of households receiving this simple benefit.

Why are we doing this?

Approximately 95% of Malawians depend on wood for cooking. These new stoves reduce the wood needed by 67% which in itself solves a myriad of issues. Deforestation is hugely reduced, the women’s labour is cut drastically plus no funds are needed to purchase wood where needed. The old traditional fires also produce excessive smoke, a health hazard in itself, and create a dire burn hazard for the women, and the children playing nearby. The fuel-efficient stoves eliminate these health dangers for families, creating a safer, sustainable, labour-saving alternative.

How we work

Our Chisomo Centre located on the Mitongwe Woodland Reserve will be at the core of the program. Our staff will identify people from each neighbouring village to act as “super users”. They will receive training and will then go to educate people in their village in the need for, construction of, and use of these stoves.

How you can help?