Harvest Season! We call it Happy Season!

Enjoy our Happy Harvest stories! Our Faithful Farmers in Kalulu Village are seeing the results of another year of new procedures and hard work. The Nyadani family has a bounty of maize and enough Soy to sell 2 bags to our feeding
program. Mr. Fyton Kaliya was successful with maize and soybeans, plus did soil rejuvenation planting on some of his land. Mary Wilson planted twice as much land this season, and she is loving the results of the harvest so far. Mr. Mwase is expecting a better harvest this year from his expanded planting and has seen the benefit of manure and has already begun to prepare more for this next planting. Layson Biliat is convinced that groundnuts can do well on his FfF fields and will practice this after having training on our demo garden.

The start of soccer season

May brought more than rain showers and harvests to Mitongwe, it was the start of soccer season which brings excitement all around. The Inaugural Youth Development Tourney for U-14 Boys and Girls was held, with over 200 players, plus coaches, zone leaders, coordinators etc. There were training sessions, bible studies, skills transfer sessions (they too have to build stoves in their communities), lunch, soccer balls gifted to the teams, and of course there were games. It is a big deal for events to be organized for girls, so celebrate with all these young people who are on their way to increased self-confidence, team concepts, the joy of giving and the joy of sport

7-month old twins to raise

So let’s ponder… a generous soul donates to our general needs fund. Meanwhile, a young mother in rural Malawi dies unexpectedly, leaving a working father with 7-month-old twins to raise. The grandmother cares for them, but now, because of a connection to our Kalulu Village projects, our generous donor’s gift supports this family with baby milk and basic needs. What a gift for this grieving and needy family, and what a gift for our donor to know the importance of faithful giving.