Here’s what you need to know about #move4malawi?

It is our very own, newly developed, very clever, very exciting Fundraiser. From Aug 1 – Sept 25 we are challenging teams to “Move” 16,000 kms, the distance from Vancouver to Malawi, and raise funds as they go. Participants can be  ANYWHERE, joining a team is FREE, and ANY MOVEMENT  works. So picture yourself walking, hiking, running, or cycling.
Some very talented supporters are creating an app that will consolidate and track all of our progress, will make sharing and informing any possible donors incredibly easy and fun, and will enable the super competitive in the group to stay informed.

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Now you’ve heard!  What do we all do next?
Have you been on one of our cycling fundraising teams in the past? If so join that team again! If not think about who you could motivate to move with you, create a team and get set to Wow the rest of the groups. Register at

Let us update you on more”Active” events!

Our Mitongwe Titans played their first football game (soccer for us North Americans) and won 1-0. The whole village ran out to watch and were as proud as coach Jeremiah when the winning goal was scored. These boys are developing such purpose and motivation, a “school for life” combined with agriculture and leadership training. No matter the outcome of the upcoming games, these boys future is on a winning streak.

Coach Jeremiah

The Mitongwe cheerleaders!