Job Creation

Our vision in this area is consistent with our goal in all areas, we are not going to be a “Hand Out” ministry, but are dedicated to creating opportunities and training to improve the health and futures of the local people.

It all starts with our Foundations for Farming, with the training and support for soil and crop improvement. As other programs expand we are also able to bring in local people to train and employ.

At present

In Kalulu Village we have 4 local young men who are trained and employed as our trainers and support staff for the Faithful Farmers there. They have taken on this responsibility with intelligence and loyalty, tackling the scope of work that they encounter.

At Mitongwe the evolving property development and programs have led us to employ over 80 people full time. These would be local people who may have had some skills, but have been further trained in carpentry, masonry, beekeeping, hospitality, animal husbandry and many other skills. Plus the soccer league has opened up the need for youth leaders, sport coaches and trainers.

Why are we doing this?

Rural Malawi is not a land of opportunity for its residents, life is hard, existing is hard, surviving and thriving is hard, with little chance to create extra income to provide more than the basics. The chance to utilize any inherent talents or dreams does not present itself often.

We believe that giving people the chance to be self-sufficient is giving them the chance for dignity and hope. We are thrilled that we can offer so many the training and jobs that will enhance their lives while benefiting the larger programs and economy.

How we work

Our teams know the need for jobs also comes with the need for mentoring, personal connections and flexibility. There are daily gatherings to inspire and teach. There are chances to intervene and offer help when family emergencies arise. We are alerted to medical needs and ways to support their communities.

As needs arise we also hire up to 15 people weekly, which starts another layer of training, and some extra income for their families.

How you can help?