Malawi Update

The communities we work with have seen NGO’s come and go. They have been understandably wary and critical. So, rejoice with us as Mitongwe was the scene of a joyous celebration. A group of elderly in the neighbouring communities came to pray and thank our team. Let Deon’s words explain…” they apologized on behalf of their communities for all the years they tried to break us down hoping we would leave, but they have come to the realization that God has put us here so that He can be a blessing through us. They said thank you for all the good gifts we give and for the support during the difficult times of their life.”
We now want to thank all of you who have donated over the years, there are beautiful changes happening.

Let’s talk agroforestry

Agroforestry is a land management approach in which diverse crops, trees and livestock co-exist to benefit each other and the total soil health. We have 4 hectares being prepared at Mitongwe and this is a small part of all the initial work. There has been seed collecting, plant nurseries initiated, solar panels installed, irrigation systems designed and the installation started, water swales dug for water collection, and much more.
Our goal is to continue targeting food security in our neighbouring communities with this simple but complex method. During 2021, we will see training begin, small demonstration plots in villages being set up, and the start of a rural school program offering a user-friendly plot development for teaching, and eventually actual product for their school meals.


Here is the practical side of giving. Take a good look at the new boots our Kalulu team is sporting! Royson, Isaac, John and Jonas are the lucky recipients of a “Sponsor a Trainer” gift which enabled them to replace some worn-out footwear and two new phones. New comfort and communication for all their tasks and tromping.


Our Malawian Agogos are special to us! These are the grandmothers and grandfathers who keep families together, raise the grandchildren, provide love and care, and grow old before their time. We have had the opportunity to provide 210 gogos with maize to tide them over until their crops are ready to harvest. They will now have food! Their grandchildren who depend on them will have food. Thank you for your donations that make this possible!



We just have to end with the enthusiasm of our Soccer League teams. Let this energy give you a smile, excite you about the growth and excitement of our soccer program, and even teach you a few new moves.


So far this year we have been blessed, been thanked, been gifted with much-needed equipment, been hard at innovation and work, and been able to provide life-saving food, and safety gear. We can do nothing without your Standing with us As One, so thank you for all your donations and prayers. We continue to increase our scope and programs, so any future donations will be put to immediate use.