Stand as One Ministry works in Vicente Guerrero, Baja, Mexico. Four hours south of California, you will find Vicente Guerrero, an area with large agricultural land, but also with significant poverty and hardship. With a population of over 20,000 residents, it is sobering to appreciate that many live on less than $200 per month. Even more troubling is the difficulty that families face when finding a permanent home. The cost of land in Mexico can be very expensive. Once families have saved enough money to pay for the mortgage on their land, they have very little left to construct a secure home. As you drive through the community, you will see homes made of old wood pallets, tarps, tires or other materials. Since 2012, Stand as One Ministry has been building secure, safe and weather-tight homes for some of the impoverished families in this area. Built strictly by volunteer labor, these homes provide families with a brighter future.

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This yearly trip has added up to 14 homes being built in the community of Vicente Guerrero.  Our joyfully grateful families this year were the Lopez and Juarez families.  They worked alongside our team, the thrill of a completed home so evident in their commitment and energy.  This is why we do this. They now own a home, and we get to be a part of it.  We get the joy of seeing their amazement and hard work. It is a Christmas gift to all involved. Thank you volunteer team and donors!


The call of Vicente Guerrero was on the hearts of an enthusiastic team again this year.  In total  24 people made up Stand As One Ministry’s 6th trip to “Build Hope”.

There were building challenges, great food, long busy days, perfect weather, lots of painting and hammering, craft projects, and 4 families who willingly pitched in to help and were ultimately blessed with the 2 homes, one addition and one bunk house.

There are more photos and evidence of hard work on our blog!


Once again the area of Las Aves, Vicente Guerrero, Mexico was the destination for our generous group.  We had 17 volunteers (+2 visiting cyclists), 6 days, 2 needy families, boundless energy, and agreeable weather.  There was enough time and skill to build two homes, complete with beds, bunks, kitchen set up, tables, a dog house, and more than enough time to get to know and love our families.


The “Building Hope 2015” team was made up of 17 eager builders.  We were able to complete 2 homes during our whirlwind trip; 2 families now have room and shelter and new friends.


Two families have a safe and warm place to sleep now, thanks to the 2014 “Building Hope” Team from Vancouver.


The Perrin, Letain, and Schat families arrived in Mexico on December 25th, 2013 and spent the following week sawing, hammering, and painting. On December 31st, they proudly handed over the keys of a new Shelter to a very grateful family.


The Schenk and Schat spent their Christmas vacation building a Shelter for a wonderful family of five.

Click on the link “Mexico Mission 2012” to see a timelapse of the home being built. Thanks to Joel at for producing the film.

Mexico Mission 2012

“Unless the Lord builds the house, the builders labor in vain”

  Psalm 127:1