Building (More) Hope, 2016

Christmas is a time of giving…and ultimately getting.  On Dec. 27, 2016 there were 17 volunteers headed down to Vicente Guerrero, Mexico, to give.  The families we were going to give to were Santiago, David, Liz and Alejandro Martinez, and Miguel, Laticia, Brenda, Dana and Bianca Suarez.

We gave Energy…we hauled, painted, sawed, lifted, hammered, laboured, hammered more, painted more, created and designed.  The result was 2 amazing homes, solid and waterproof, with bedrooms and workspace.

We gave Love…we all realized the beautiful people we were blessed to help, it was a joy to get to know them, to work and play with them, and to easily demonstrate Christ’s love to them.

But what was unexpected and ultimately most rewarding was what we all were given.  We were given Satisfaction…the reward of work well done, needed and appreciated.

We were given Connections…the friendships developed with our families and within our own group were a source of joy for all.

We were given Love…the love we gave was returned in greater amounts.  These families were genuinely open and so ready to love us back.

In the end, we left with a job well done, with sobering and light-hearted memories that will last forever, with a new appreciation of our homes and blessings, and for all of us, I’m sure, some of the red clay that makes up the foundation of this land.

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