Our Vision

As in any culture, women in Malawi are a powerhouse in their families, but too often these women have no chance to add income, or utilize their talents or gifts. We are committed to create opportunities for these women, to give them a chance to provide for their families and to experience the dignity that comes from knowing you are learning and growing.

At present

Starting a new business venture has not been a part of these women’s reality until now. But with their crops thriving they are seeing the chance to expand into ideas that will create some much-needed income. We have soap-making businesses and crop diversity, including soybeans that can be sold.

Why are we doing this?

Rural Malawians are engulfed in poverty, with poor farming practices resulting in a lack of food year-round, and little chance to create income for education for their children, or to help meet the needs of the family.

We have seen the blossoming of women who are able to pursue extra avenues of income and skill training, and discover there is a place for their unique energies.

How we work

Women who are ready to branch out have been supplied with loans, product or skill training, business, marketing and financial skills, and the support to start a new venture.

Some are finding work in our existing feeding programs, growing some of the soybeans and vegetables for our groups to purchase from them or developing meals for the children’s club.

How you can help?