“Move4Malawi” and Malawi News

Move4Malawi Challenge
Aug 1 – Sept 25

8 weeks of moving.  8 weeks of challenging ourselves, and others, to consider donating to Stand As One Ministry. We did it!

Move4Malawi included a lot of cyclists, a lot of hikers, there were runners and walkers and swimmers. We were challenged to move more often than we normally would, we were challenged to move farther than we normally would, we were challenged to move in more ways than we normally would, and hopefully, we were challenged to bravely ask for donations.

There were over 175 athletes participating, on 16 teams, in 5 countries. You need to think about joining us in the future, as we are making this an annual event.
So thanks to all our athletesThanks to our donors! Thanks to all who spread the word of Stand As One Ministry, and who furthered the chance for programs and work in Malawi.

We raised $39,955.00

While we were concentrating on “Moving”, life in Malawi was continuing to move. 

There are so many challenges that present themselves. Deon, at our Mitongwe Reserve, has been presented with many. Lately, there have been 15 to 25 families coming in the morning, begging for work to feed their families. Most are from the local area, but one woman and baby walked 25 kms. We can’t ignore this.
Deon has started selecting 15 workers on Monday morning and giving them a week of paid work. Each Monday he selects a different group. This way there are 60 families benefiting each month!
This costs us about $1000 a month, is creating community morale and bringing food to families that need it. Money well spent all around.

The Community Women’s Ministry is now meeting every Thursday. These are pictures from the meeting on Sept 17. They are in the heat (it is mid 40C), but are enjoying the shade and the topic of “Self Confidence”.

Our weekly “Energy Efficient Stove Training” continues, here are our trainers today, Letness and JD, and some evidence of the hard work being done.