New Year New Developments

It’s a new year, there are numerous new developments to share. Let’s transport ourselves to Malawi.

New Moringa Trees.  Donations have enabled our team to plant over 5000 Moringa Trees and 150 Fruit trees through Kalulu Village and on our land, plus a perimeter fence and the hiring of watchmen to ensure the trees stay put and survive. This is a new development that will reap huge rewards in the future.

This is something really new for us! This shows the progress of constructing 2 Calabash Cisterns on our land in Kalulu. We continue to battle the factors that contribute to our farmer’s hardships, here we are tackling the lack of useable water and their land degradation. There is rain at limited times of the year, and often too much at once, so soil erodes and water is hard to gather at other times. These cisterns will harvest Roof Top Water, allowing easier access to water for animals, for improved crop productivity, to reforest degraded areas, and for new income-based activities that are impossible with the current environment. New and Improved!

At Mitongwe there are new swales or trenches dug to collect rain and runoff water from the hills. There have been 10.1km dug, with 1600 swales, resulting in 4 million litres of water being stored!

There is the launching of a new Agroforestry system at Mitongwe. New planting stylesnew crops, new hope for communities all over Malawi. Seeds are being gathered, plants are being started, fields are being prepared, the team is working very hard. Malawi needs this.

So, this may not be new, but new donations mean our feeding program in the Kids Club at Kalulu can continue. At present, we have a good supply of Gleaners Soup. This has inspired the start of a new initiative to buy the vegetables and protein source from our own local farmers to continue this program. The children’s health improves with this new boost of nutrition!

The delivery system is working for now, but a few kilometres on a bumpy road, with a bucket of hot soup on the back of your bike, may create a few new problems.

New thrills, new competition, new league. Here are the highlights of our first annual Soccer League Finals at Mitongwe. It seems that the game is not new to these skilled players.

It is obvious that there are new programs, new developments, and new initiatives to continue our goal of empowering these communities to transform their lives. Seeing the progress and improvements is a great way to start our new year.