Ministry Support

Our vision is to assist the churches around our farm in Malawi as they try to respond to the great need for servant and prophetic leadership.

We aim to build collaborative relationships between groups to develop sustainable, accessible and transformational training systems that can impact the whole community.

At present

There have been ways to support the local churches and pastors as we are developing this program. A group Baptismal Service was held earlier this year, with 7 churches working together.

We have invited all the churches in the area to join us for leadership training sessions at the Reserve. There have been keynote speakers from More Than a Mile Deep to speak of practical, essential truths necessary for the unsupported rural pastor.

Why are we doing this?

There is a lack of leadership and investment by church establishments in the larger cities of Malawi. Many there hear the word and give their lives to become a pastor of a church, but have little experience in village life. While they hold the great responsibility of leading, teaching, preaching and counselling God’s people, they then face challenges related to taking care of their families, congregations and themselves.

How we work

We develop people’s leadership skills so they have the confidence and authority to make a real difference in their communities. The essence of leadership is not in being served but being of service. Whenever leaders get better, the people around them get better too. This is where we see true development and progress begin to take shape.

How you can help?