Rewriting Lives – Family Sponsorship $30 per month

Stand as One Ministry is dedicated to improving the quality of life of the world’s poorest people. By becoming a family sponsor, you’ll be joining us in our pledge to provide food, clean water, education, food security, business opportunities, quality seed program – but most of all ‘hope’ for a better future.

By forging a connection with an individual family, you can see the effect your donation is having on the life of the family for yourself. At the same time, our focus is on the community and its long-term development. By working closely with a community, we can help them build the skills and knowledge they need to stand on their own two feet.

You will receive a photograph from the family you choose to sponsor to let you know how your support is bringing hope to their lives.

That means your money is a hand-up, not a handout!

We have 45 farming families in our program, 30 of which are sponsored.

This is some of Abambo and Amay Zipendo’s family.  Abambo is 49, Amay is 40 something, she doesn’t know her exact age.  They have 3 married children and 5 grandchildren, some of whom are often in their care.

They lived a day to day existence, always trying to find food, necessities for the house and daily needs, with no concept of how the future could be any different.  Their training has encouraged them. They have learned to make compost; Abambo is making it in his garden by the small river. They enjoyed the seed program, they have planted lemongrass around their home, a mosquito deterrent, plus have added many fruit trees. They have learned the word of God and are encouraged to work harder. They realize that improving the manual work they do can change their lives.

They would like to achieve food to last all year, have money to send their grandchildren to school and pay the school fees.

If you could donate $30 per month for Abambo and Amay Zipendo’s family, please go to our DONATE page.



Meet Amay Mwayowawo, a divorced mother of 5 children.  She has been on her own for many years. Her son Harrison (20) isn’t going to school but has taken on the responsibility as head of the family. Her other children are in school but are struggling to grasp enough to continue at a normal pace.

Before the Foundations for Farming training, Amay Mwayowawo wasn’t sure what she could do to help her family, but now she knows that her heart is attached to farming to get food for her family. She has seen a difference, wants to learn more, but still needs the basics like fencing to allow her to grow crops without the chickens and goats invading. She would like to learn more business skills to raise money for the school fees for her children and to increase their food production.

If you could donate $30 per month for Amay Mwayiwawo and her family, please go to our DONATE page.



The Brahim family has 4 married children and 15 grandchildren. They care for 5 of their grandchildren. It is not easy to find food. They have always had problems with hunger, but they know that if they continue being faithful with Foundations for Farming techniques and training they will be able to grow enough food.

They want to follow the training and continue to learn more to achieve these goals. They would like to see the opportunity in the future to have a good house and allow their grandchildren to study.

If you could donate $30 per month for the Brahim family, please go to our DONATE page.


This is Mr. and Mrs. Billiat and their grandson Lojenzo.  The Billiat’s have 6 children and 21 grandchildren.  They are a hardworking family.  Before they came to the village they were managing to provide food most of the time through their crops and doing part-time work, but would always experience some lack each year.  Their children were not able to go to school.

They would love to achieve crop production that would ensure food year-round.  That would enable them to retire from part-time work as they are growing older.

Lojenzo, who is 20 years old, failed his standard 8 exams, but he would like to finish school and start secondary school.  He hopes for a future with a good home with iron sheet roofing.

If you could donate $30 per month for the Billiat family, please go to our DONATE page.



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