Rewriting Lives – Family Sponsorship $30 per month

Stand as One Ministry is dedicated to improving the quality of life of the world’s poorest people. By becoming a family sponsor, you’ll be joining us in our pledge to provide food, clean water, education, food security, business opportunities, quality seed program – but most of all ‘hope’ for a better future.

By forging a connection with an individual family, you can see the effect your donation is having on the life of the family for yourself. At the same time, our focus is in on the community and its long-term development. By working closely with a community, we can help them build the skills and knowledge they need to stand on their own two feet.

You will receive a photograph from the family you choose to sponsor to let you know how your support is bringing hope to their lives.

That means your money is a hand-up, not a handout!


This is Justice Kabisa and his wife Mtisunge.  They have 3 married children and 6 grandchildren, one 2 year old who lives with them. Their life has been a struggle.  They have consistently had a lack of food, no money for soap, salt or clothes etc., and no idea how to achieve anything better.  In the Foundations for Farming training, they have learned about manure and other skills to increase harvest.

They would like to have a good house, bedding, and food that will last all year. Due to their training, they can see that there is hope.  They want to learn more and achieve their goals.

To sponsor the Kabisa family $30 per month go to our DONATE page.

Mrs. Fales is one of Kalulu Village’s knowledgeable and faithful farmers. She is a divorced woman raising 4 children, her three boys, Christoffer 14, Heston 12, and Maxell who is 6.  Also living with her is her sister Promis, a 15-year-old who is helping her raise her boys.  Mrs. Fales is often in the fields or doing piecework to support them all. Her ex-husband is not a regular contributor to school fees or help.

Before the Foundation for Farming training, she knows nothing about farming with manure use.  Any manure was wasted around her yard.  Now for the second year, she is using it in her fields and can see a great difference in her harvest.  She wants to achieve a good house with no leaks, funds to afford school for her children, and an even better harvest.

To sponsor the Fales family $30 per month go to our DONATE page.


This is the Chiraula family. This hardworking couple has 3 children still living at home, and an older daughter (19) who is married with a 1-year-old child. The father and oldest son are enthusiastically involved in the Foundations for Farming and his oldest boy in the Teenage Football and Farming group. Last year they managed to harvest enough food to last the whole year, plus do some piece-work to earn extra cash for some home supplies.

Their hopes would be to be able to purchase some basic furniture, some more livestock, plus Chiraula would really like to buy an oxcart. This could supply transportation of product or manure to and from the field, and income from renting it out. These funds would go to his children’s education.

Chiraula is a mature, willing worker, who is a huge help to our Farming trainers. More training and assistance would go a long way in setting up their business.

To sponsor the Chiraula family $30 per month go to our DONATE page.


This is the Chimbalala family.  Mr. Chimbalala is 38 years old, his wife is 23, Zione is 10, Richard 7, and Harison is 4.  Yes, his wife was 13 years old when she married and had their first child.

Before Foundations for Farming training, Mr. Chimbalala tells us he had no goals or future plans. He just woke up and was “following the day”. Now he has learned to set goals. He sees that commitment and learning are two things he has achieved and wants to continue to improve. This is his first year putting the training into practice on a piece of his land and can clearly see an increase in yield. He has a pig and used only this manure and urine as fertilizer.  He is now convinced he can harvest as much with this method as with fertilizer. He never knew he could use his pig manure.

He would like to achieve a good house with iron-sheet roofing, good bricks, and cement. He wants healthy food for his family. He would like to get more animals so they could have money to pay school fees for his kids. He was only able to go to Form 1 himself(grade 7) as there was no money when he was young.

To sponsor the Chimbalala family $30 per month go to our DONATE page.

Mrs. Msautsa is a married woman with 3 adult children.  Her one daughter and son-in-law, who are expecting their first child, live with her. Her husband lives in Mozambique and is rarely present.

She is diagnosed with TB, which limits how much she can work. She has taken some of the Foundations for Farming training but wants to continue with more, get involved in the business cooperative, plus have her daughter and son-in-law participate. This will improve this coming year’s planting and yield, hopefully supplying enough food to last through the hunger season. She also hopes to maintain her house to a better standard, including a proper bed to sleep in, rather than on the floor.

To support the Msautsa family go to our DONATE page.


Lajas and Mika are a young couple with 3 children.  A shortage of food has been a constant struggle for this family and it is evident in their children’s development.

Last year they started to follow Foundations for Farming methods in part of their field. They used pig manure as they had no money for fertilizer, and saw an improvement in their harvest!

They would like to have a good house and enough food to last the year for their children. Adopting this family would make their goals reachable.

To sponsor Lajas and Mika go to our DONATE page.


Amay Madria Simeon is managing her household on her own with the help of the children living with her. Her husband went to Salima, a 2 1/2 hour drive away, seven months ago. She has had no contact with him since then.

Her nephew, Ernest Johan, 18, has chosen to live with her, as well as her daughter Veronica 12, her 10-year-old son Lafika, and Regina, 2. It is hard for her to keep up, but it was even more difficult before she took the Foundations for Farming training. She has learned techniques and truths from the gospel that were never told to her before. This year her harvest was better, but not yet enough to last all year. Food security is her only goal at present because it has not yet been achieved.

Ernest is a faithful boy who is involved in the Teenager Bible Farming Football Club that Royson leads. We hope to add some business training for him so he can learn how to earn money.

To support the Simeon family $30 per month go to our DONATE page.



This is the Bokolo family with two of their 3 children, Coletha 9, and Phelesta 4. They have always faced problems of hunger during parts of the year. Now, because of Foundations for Farming training, they see improvements in their food situation. They would love to reach the place where they have food year round, ironsheet roofing on their house, and money for school fees for their children.

They own 1/2 acre of land, not large enough to produce what they need, so they rent another piece. This is not ideal, so they would also like to be able to buy more land.

To support the Bokolo family go to our DONATE page.



Abambo Soulosi is 28 years old, his wife is 20 and their firstborn, Lyka is 1 1/2 years old. Before Foundations for Farming came to Kalulu Village they lacked many things. They have learned improved farming practices, now growing their own vegetables in a community garden to avoid the expense of purchasing them.

They would like to achieve a business so they could have an income to purchase a wheelbarrow, and in the future, an oxcart, to make working the land easier. They would like to see their life improved by the work they do.

This next picture shows Abambo in his field where he put his training into practice. This maize was grown with manure and urine instead of expensive fertilizer.


To sponsor the Soulosi family go to our DONATE page.



The Brahim family has 4 married children and 15 grandchildren. They care for 5 of their grandchildren. It is not easy to find food. They have always had problems with hunger. They still do, but they know that if they continue being faithful with Foundations for Farming techniques and training they will be able to grow enough food.

They want to follow the training and continue to learn more to achieve these goals. They would like to see the opportunity in the future to have a good house and allow their grandchildren to study. To sponsor the Brahim family go to our DONATE page.


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