Rewriting Lives – Family Sponsorship $30 per month

Stand as One Ministry is dedicated to improving the quality of life of the world’s poorest people. By becoming a family sponsor, you’ll be joining us in our pledge to provide food, clean water, education, food security, business opportunities, quality seed program – but most of all ‘hope’ for a better future.

By forging a connection with an individual family, you can see the effect your donation is having on the life of the family for yourself. At the same time, our focus is on the community and its long-term development. By working closely with a community, we can help them build the skills and knowledge they need to stand on their own two feet.

You will receive a photograph from the family you choose to sponsor to let you know how your support is bringing hope to their lives.

That means your money is a hand-up, not a handout!


This is Amay Jesse Ieveson and 3 of her children.  She and her husband have 5 children at home, plus 2 grandchildren from their married daughter Tiamika.  They have 2 teenagers, Lonjezo and Petulo who are in school, Mesach who is disabled, Sinthani who doesn’t want to go to school, and Stephano who is 5. Before Jesse took our training she didn’t understand the basics of farming, resulting in hunger from August until the next crop was harvested in April.  Last year she did a small portion with her new training and harvested 1.5 bags of maize.  The rest of her field that she farmed the traditional way is 10 times as big, and she only got 5 bags from it.  This year she will farm over half her field with her new techniques. She is so thankful for the donors and the resulting training in her village,

She has learned the value of nutritious food so she would like to achieve good food that lasts the whole year, not picturing what else could be important until that is reached.

If you could donate $30 per month for Jesse Leveson and her family, please go to our DONATE page.

This is Katchika Mtilekate (32), his wife Dorien (22) and their young son Matthew, who is 5 years old. This hardworking family has had a taste of business and some success but still can’t manage to produce enough food for the whole year. They have learned they should work for themselves and not lean on handouts. With some of our business training, they started to buy and sell items in town.

They started using manure instead of fertilizer, their harvest improved, and they have grown soybeans as well.  They recently bought 2 baby pigs from their business money and would like to have more animals for the manure, food, and chance for income. They would like to learn more about vegetable farming. The foundations for farming training has given them hope and goals.

If you would like to sponsor the Mtilekate Family for $30 per month, please go to our DONATE page.

Meet our next couple, Abambo Tsoka (41)and Amay Christine (38).

Amay Christine is Abambo’s fourth wife, they have no children yet.  Abambo does have 4 children, ages 5 – 10, from his previous marriages, who live with their mothers or grandmothers. They will make the move to Amay’s village in the next year or 2, but for now, they want to learn as much as possible.

They have seen a difference the compost making and blanketing has made on their soil, and have learned how to grow vegetables. They would like to have animals to have their own manure for their land.

If you would like to sponsor Tsoka’s family for $30 per month, please go to our DONATE page.







This is some of Abambo and Amay Zipendo’s family.  Abambo is 46, Amay is 40 something, she doesn’t know her exact age.  They have 3 married children and young Bartomeo, 10 years old, who lives with them.  Their oldest is Manuel, 24, married with one child who is 3 years old.  Violet is 20, also married and has Fanuel, who is 5.  Fanuel lives here with her grandparents. Their daughter Memory (17) is married with a 5-month-old child.

Their life was day to day trying to find food, necessities for the house and daily needs, with no concept of how the future could be any different.  Their training has encouraged them.  They have learned to make compost, Abambo is making it in his garden by the small river. They enjoyed the seed program but did share honestly that they were not faithful with the urine program, they know they could improve there.  They have learned the word of God and are encouraged to work harder.  They would like to learn more about loving each other and learn how to grow vegetables.  They realize that improving the manual work they do can change their lives.

This is Bartamao by the kitchen he has built himself, with only verbal instruction from his builder father! He is busy finishing it. The family has maize until September. They would like to achieve food to last all year, have money to send their children to school and pay the school fees.

To sponsor the Zipendo family for $30 per month please go to our DONATE page.




Amay Madria Simeon is managing her household on her own with the help of the children living with her. Her husband went to Salima, a 2 1/2 hour drive away, seven months ago. She has had no contact with him since then.

Her nephew, Ernest Johan, 18, has chosen to live with her, as well as her daughter Veronica 12, her 10-year-old son Lafika, and Regina, 2. It is hard for her to keep up, but it was even more difficult before she took the Foundations for Farming training. She has learned techniques and truths from the gospel that were never told to her before. This year her harvest was better, but not yet enough to last all year. Food security is her only goal at present because it has not yet been achieved.

Ernest is a faithful boy who is involved in the Teenager Bible Farming Football Club that Royson leads. We hope to add some business training for him so he can learn how to earn money.

To support the Simeon family for $30 per month go to our DONATE page.



This is the Bokolo family with two of their 3 children, Coletha 9, and Phelesta 4. They have always faced problems of hunger during parts of the year. Now, because of Foundations for Farming training, they see improvements in their food situation. They would love to reach the place where they have food year round, ironsheet roofing on their house, and money for school fees for their children.

They own 1/2 acre of land, not large enough to produce what they need, so they rent another piece. This is not ideal, so they would also like to be able to buy more land.

To support the Bokolo family for $30 per month go to our DONATE page.





The Brahim family has 4 married children and 15 grandchildren. They care for 5 of their grandchildren. It is not easy to find food. They have always had problems with hunger. They still do, but they know that if they continue being faithful with Foundations for Farming techniques and training they will be able to grow enough food.

They want to follow the training and continue to learn more to achieve these goals. They would like to see the opportunity in the future to have a good house and allow their grandchildren to study.

To sponsor the Brahim family go to our DONATE page.



This is Mr. and Mrs. Billiat and their grandson Lojenzo.  The Billiat’s have 6 children and 21 grandchildren.  They are a hardworking family.  Before they came to the village they were managing to provide food the majority of the time through their crops and doing part-time work, but would always experience some lack each year.  Their children were not able to go to school.

They would love to achieve crop production that would ensure food year round.  That would enable them to retire from part-time work as they are growing older.

Lojenzo, who is 20 years old, failed his standard 8 exams, but he would like to finish school and start secondary school.  He hopes for a future with a good home with iron sheet roofing.

If you could sponsor the Billiat family, please go to our DONATE page.






The Mogan family are another of our faithful farmers.  Here they are with their two children Elise who is 7, and James who is 3.  Before the training came to their village they struggled to even provide enough food.

They are putting the training into practice this year, and they see a difference in their field.  They are looking forward to a good harvest.

They would like to achieve a home where their children are healthy, there is no more hunger, some household goods like a bed, buckets, or plates, and the ability to send their children to school.

The Mogan family can be sponsored for $30 per month by going to our DONATE page.

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