September Highlights

Whew! Can you imagine devoting 5 weeks to “Moving” for a cause? Well, 110 normal people just did that for our Move4Malawi Challenge to raise funds for Stand As One Ministry. Thanks to all the hard work and rides and runs and hikes and walks. Thanks to all the donors who took the time to check it out and support our work. Thank you!

Together our teams raised $35,848!!!

Are you starting any new programs or classes this fall? We jump in and hope for benefits like better health, fitness, friendships, goals and well-being.
Did you know the communities in Malawi hope for the same? Stand As One is introducing programs in Kalulu and at Mitongwe that give children, young people and adults the chance to reap these benefits, where none existed before.
So when you see teams out on the soccer pitch, when you see children carrying books to school, when you see young moms gathering for conversation and friendship you can know that the same great activities are now happening in Malawi due to the programs we are working on.

Time for an update on our Mitongwe Woodland Reserve, there is always so much going on there. Bricks are being made for the Heath and Wellness Center. The Community Center is complete, with a playground now going in. Our Training Center is being furnished with 10 bunks at this time, with the plan for 10 more with Stage 2. Trainees in our agroforestry program will house here. This all creates a buzz of activity, creates work for local people, and continues to advance the quality of training and support we can offer. 

Our hearts overflow with Thankfulness every time we witness new Joy, new Hope, new Confidence, new Opportunity, or improved situations of our communities in Malawi. Rejoice and be thankful with us! ❤️