So, what work are we excited about at the moment?!

There are so many programs continuing and thriving in the midst of our Covid hardship. Let’s take a look at Malawi and Myanmar.

During our team’s trip to Malawi last October, Irene, Bianca, and Ellen were able to distribute 80 “Days for Girls” menstrual kits after holding information sessions with the girls. This is crucial for the girls to remain in school regularly, plus provides basic health information. Since then, the women in Smithers sent 73 more kits in the container, and have now sewn an additional 118 kits! With 11 sewn components in each kit that totals 2,981 pieces sewn in the last year!

This is amazing, and amazing for our girls.

Our team at Mitongwe is preparing to start a Community Preschool for toddlers aged 0 to 3. Children here are chronically malnourished leading to stunted growth, learning and memory problems and low resistance to disease. Our preschool will include nutritious meals and training for the mothers and families in how to properly care for these precious little ones.

Kalulu Village is continuing to inspire families to join our Foundations for Farming Program, which means we have more families who need sponsors. Consider if this is an area you could be involved in!

Meet the Jonas Family

This young family needs encouragement to complete the daily tasks required to provide for their needs. Last season they harvested only 2 bags of maize but they need 18 bags to survive for the year. Thankfully, they were able to sell planted tomatoes to help buy additional maize. They plan to plant more maize for the coming season but struggle with a shortage of land which impacts the harvest they can produce. Sponsorship would assist this family with their basic needs.

Covid – 19 Pandemic Relief in Myanmar

Thanks to a donation from Alpha Foundation we were able to purchase soup from Fedwell Foods to assist with a feeding program in the slums of Yangon. Our connection there is Acha Fumasay, or Angel Acha as we like to call her. She runs weekly programs for the children of the slums, but this time she was distributing soup packages to the kids and their parents. “The only food they had”. Think about that.

We were interested to see this video which highlights the current situation in Myanmar. It is good to know, no matter how sobering.

New Hope is an NGO we are partnering with to reach people in need. They are located in the slums, offering help to families where they are, plus programs in their community center for training and support. They serve our donations of Fedwell soup regularly, plus distribute supplies to families as you see here.

Can we talk about Christmas?

We are thinking about making your life simpler. Did you know that the 2020 Christmas Gifts are now available on our website? Here is a quick sample, but there are many more to help your planning and online shopping just a click away!