Soymilk Program

In Malawi malnutrition is widespread and nearly half of all children under 5 have stunted growth and development. Soy milk is an excellent source of high-quality protein and contains essential nutrients that help our bodies grow and develop. We want to make these children healthy.

At present

Every week we serve hundreds of cups of soymilk and soy patties to the children in Kalulu Village. The youth club makes the soymilk and burgers, and along with Royson and Isaac, serve the children during their Kids Program. The soy has improved the health of the children, they are more attentive, sick less often, and growing!

Why are we doing this?

Building communities of care starts with sharing food with the hungry. The children in these communities suffer in the moment from hunger, but the long term affects of undernutrition is much more devastating. The power of protein impacts them in growing healthy strong bodies and minds. It also shows the community ways they can improve the outcomes of their children’s lives.

How we work

We have the Faithful farmers clubs who have learned about the foundations for farming and crop diversity growing soy beans for the program. They benefit with their soils becoming healthy and more productive and the children in the village receive the much needed protein from the soy milk and soy burgers. A win win situation with lasting effects.

How you can help?