Sports Program

There is such a need to develop programs that promote vital, healthy lives for families and communities. This in turn will help provide opportunities to lift children physically, emotionally and spiritually. The Kasinje area communities surrounding our Mitongwe Reserve all agreed to join in a community development program with sports as a catalyst. We are simply saying “Yes” to youth and child development, evangelism and discipleship.

At present

We have a very active program underway. We have developed a U14 boys and girls soccer sports academy. There are league games and tournaments. All the coaches received or will receive vital training through SAOM and TeamUp Zoom sessions and weekend courses in the following areas:

  • Life skills for kids, literacy and awareness
  • Soccer/sports/coaching/leadership
  • Spiritual/moral living
  • Community Health and nutrition program
  • Caring community program, what you can do clubs
  • Caring for the environment

Why are we doing this?

Many children lack the opportunity to grow and flourish, with little hope for a better future. They have dropped out of school and are often involved in alcohol and substance abuse with no self-esteem. They lack the guidance to successfully achieve their dreams. They are disappointed and heartbroken but their voice is not heard by anyone around them in their communities where failure is natural. Soccer is one area that brings the communities together, encourages skill and life development and holds an opportunity to impact the future.

How we work

We organize and run training sessions for the leaders and coaches. The youth league and programs are supported. We have initiated a caring program where each team player is responsible to build 3 fuel-saving stoves for a family in their community. We continue to integrate literacy, farming and vocational programs, and youth life skills initiatives into the team environment. We see all these steps as necessary in breaking the poverty cycle.

How you can help?