Swing into Spring

When we take a look at all the activities in Malawi we realize that this year is well underway. We are constantly humbled by the progress and passion of our teams in Kalulu and Mitongwe. Take a look.

Passover and Easter were celebrated at Mitongwe with community services involving 7 churches. The first event was a morning Baptism, with 43 people taking this meaningful step of faith. There was much joy under the massive Baobab tree.

The youth of Malawi are such a huge part of our focus and hope, so we take great encouragement in the progress of our young people. Meet James and Memory. James has embraced God’s love and was one of those baptized. He is devoted to his faith and to the younger group he leads in our Young Warrior Club. Memory has been involved with our Youth Clubs as a teacher, always a delight. She has now moved on to Teachers College in Lilongwe, with some financial assistance from the Mitongwe team, and some supplies from the container. You will be an awesome teacher Memory!

Gardens have been planted

Agroforestry is work intense, fascinating, rewarding and everchanging. Gardens have been planted, new crops of sweet potatoes, cassava, papaya trees, sugar cane, turmeric and ginger have been planted, the tree nursery is coming along beautifully. The silage is complete, irrigation set-up continues, and now the changing season brings challenges…we are simply sitting here watching it all take place, and continue to be intrigued and impressed.

The pace of programs and development at Mitongwe continues to ramp up. There has been need for a community center to host new and existing programs, so here we go! Take a look at the making of bricks (yes, the bricks are made on-site). This completed building will enable our preschool and young Mom gatherings to have a home, the youth groups and sports teams can meet, the library housed here will lead to literacy programs and a future computer lab
will be set up… and more we haven’t even dreamed of yet!

Days for Girls Workshop

Sara was finally able to hold our “Days for Girls” workshop after many delays brought on by Covid and a Teacher’s strike. There were 36 girls, ages 12 – 16 in attendance, each receiving valuable information and of course a personal kit. There was much laughter, interest and gratitude.

Feeding Program

Kalulu Village’s feeding program is definitely a huge highlight there. The variety of foods is giving our children a few firsts. Can you recall the first time you had spaghetti? It is a rare treat, and these kids liked it very much. The team is making it happen and we are thrilled.