Irene Schat

Irene Schat

Executive Director
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Irene Schat is the Executive Director of Stand as One Ministry. In the past years, Irene has been working in various positions; non-profit private school, Credit Union, Christian child-care centre, and an international aid charity. Irene has taken many computer and accounting courses and has recently completed her Business Management Certificate at Simon Fraser University. Irene is also now a member of the local Toastmasters Chapter. Each of these diverse job experiences, along with her education, has allowed Irene to develop a set of leadership and relational skills conducive to working in the International field. Irene enjoys spending time with her family especially with her grandchildren. Irene enjoys reading, painting, and spending time outdoors.


What Our Donors Over the World Are Saying

Introducing and teaching sustainable farming practices is the most practical and sensible solution in helping to provide food security in many developing countries.

Richard Los

As a healthcare practitioner I intimately know how important nutritional needs are to the human body. The work that Irene and Dan do to supply proper and wholesome nutrition to the hungry and teaching sustainable farming practices around the globe is truly astonishing!

Keep up the great work guys, the world is truly a better place with you two in it!


Dr. Thomas Burge

Stand as One Ministry is doing AID right. They offer real help with culturally sensitive solutions that people can sustain themselves.

Stephen Hardy

When Dan and Irene talk about their upcoming projects or past trips across the globe you cannot help but be inspired. You are left thinking how you yourself can get involved. Their passion is contagious and the results of their efforts are amazing. It is a privilege to work with Stand as One.

Richard Bontkes

The love and passion for kids and vulnerable people both Dan and Irene display and bring to bear in their ministries is truly inspiring! To be able to support them as they help the most vulnerable kids in Malawi and Myanmar is a wonderful privilege and a blessing.

Harmen Berghuis

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