The Fields and Farmers are Busy

Oh my!  There is work happening in fields around Kalulu Village.  We have just received an update from Karin van Meeuwen, our National Director in Malawi, and it showcases many of the families that are sponsored. The assistance they are receiving is propelling them forward. They are preparing their fields for planting and starting to dream of the harvest in April or May.  Take a look!

The Brahim Family are planting a larger portion of their fields with the Foundations for Farming methods.  They are looking forward to a more bountiful harvest this year.

Amay Khudzeni’s hard work can be seen in her field.  She has had to do it all herself as her husband is in Mozambique earning money for the family. She is not in the photo, unfortunately, but we cheer her on just the same.

Amay Zipendo is shown here on her field. She has prepared her ground and is ready to get involved in the seed program.

We have a new family that will enter into our sponsorship program this year.  Amay Jesse and her husband have a large family, with many depending on their harvest.  Her knowledge of farming and gardening has been very limited, so the training she has received has been exciting.  She thanks the donors who make it possible for the training to happen in her village and has set a goal of having proper nutrition the whole year long.

Amay Nachileka is very pleased with herself.  She is confident enough now to work her fields on her own without assistance from the trainers.  She whispered to us with a smile that she now knows how, not needing the repetition that some others need. We believe you Amay!

Mister Jonah has taken some training and realizes after this last season that he will benefit from some more involvement.  He is returning and hopes to join the sponsorship program.

Mr. and Mrs. Billiat are some of our older farmers, but you’d never know it from their energy and quality of work.  They are preparing their field on their own,  setting planting stations, and anticipating a good harvest.  They are hoping to join the seed program.

Lyson Billiat, a son of our previous family, and his wife are good examples of hard work.  They have used the seed program, and are collecting urine, both programs use loans which they take very seriously.  They are very happy with the training, managing to prepare their whole field this year with the Foundation for Farming methods.

Let Mr. Njadani and his wife be another example of hard work.  Their field is a 40-minute walk from the village, which creates hardship as all products, such as the blanket mulch and manure, need to be carried on their heads the whole way.  The photo shows the hips of manure ready to be spread. As the weather is heating up they are needing to carry this out at 4 am to avoid the heat.  Even so, their fields are ready and we are sure their hard work will pay off.

Amay Madria Simeon has been doing all her farming herself.  She has done an amazing job of extending the area that will be planted using the new techniques. Her husband has been absent for some time, she now considers herself divorced.  She is willing to join the seed program and will plant soya and maize.  Her field is also a 30 minute walk, so a wheelbarrow would be a dream someday.

Mrs. Fales has worked hard to prepare her whole field the Foundations for Farming way, is letting some trees grow as well, but has had trouble with cows destroying some of the blanket.  She continues to struggle with managing the costs of home maintenance and farming, but will work hard to keep improving.

A very persistent and faithful farmer is Amay Sasonda.  She is letting her youngest son work a portion of her field as well.  Part of her struggle is that her field is a 40 minute walk from the village, but that hasn’t stopped her from carrying manure and supplies as needed.  She has expressed how thankful she is for sponsorship, and this without her knowing that there will soon be an extra blessing flowing to her.  Karin has discovered that Amay Sasonda’s sponsor is going to give her the gift of a goat.  God willing, Amay will find out about this surprise in a few weeks!

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