The Gift of Light

Let’s talk about solar lights.  Lilongwe, Malawi has a new business opportunity and these young men are excited to get started.  UK Solar Aid, and their social enterprise SunnyMoney, is an international charity that provides access to solar lights for remote areas.  These areas have little or no access to electricity, with the main alternatives being candles or expensive and dangerous kerosene lamps.

SunnyMoney will partner with Stand as One Ministry in piloting Gift of Light initiative in Lilongwe west.  We are aiming to reach a marginalized group of communities, like Kalulu Village, with quality solar lights that can improve their lives while creating a sustainable market for solar entrepreneurs, namely our teenage boys.  The project is funded by donations, which allows the lights to be distributed to those in need, plus initiates profit income for the boys who are distributing and supporting.  They can, in turn, purchase more lights to sell and continue their business. These boys are receiving training in sales, service and money management, and are very optimistic about working towards finishing school, and a more hopeful future.

We are thrilled for this opportunity that has presented itself and will keep you all updated on the differences these simple lights make to our families.


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