The Seasons change

The Seasons change, the Work changes, the Focus changes and so do the Needs.

The Season upon us right now is, unfortunately, “Hunger Season”

Harvest time is April. When crops are small the food runs out late in the year, and January, February and March are the “Hunger Months”. This is upon the community of Kalulu, and those surrounding our Mitongwe Woodland Reserve.

What do we do when hunger is all around us? We appeal for donations, we ensure supplies go to the most vulnerable. And we continue to train, support, encourage and demonstrate farming practises that will put an end to the lack of food for any part of the year.

Donations enabled us to distribute maize to 16 elderly grandmothers (agogo’s). These women are often running households of grandchildren whose parents have abandoned them or are absent while working in other areas. There was a lot of joy!

At Mitongwe another area of focus has been the vulnerable on our property. 60 bags of maize were given to the school to feed the children, and 20 bags to the staff. The children will be able to attend and learning will continue. Donations also extended to 125 people in the area. They now have food for a short time, and a little bit of hope.


We are also in the Season of Improvements

Meet Mr. Deere, John Deere, our newest member of the Mitongwe team. He is big and strong, works hard, and the crew loves him! This need was met by generous donors and God’s leading.



Fuel-saving stoves are another improvement that Kalulu Village has been seeing over the last few years. Isaac and Royson have been helping five families build and implement these into their homes. Reducing the precious wood needed to cook, and increasing safety are important improvements.


How about Growing Season?

In the Mitongwe Woodland Reserve and Kalulu, the crops are growing very well. There are maize and soy, and a new crop for Kalulu is rice.

It is also Planting Season

Kalulu Village now has the start of an orchard! Donations allowed Karen and her team to bless our farming families with 4 fruit trees, and so the planting began. There will be mangos, avocados and tangerines in time. Wow!

“Sunday School and Soy” continues in Kalulu, with the children getting soy milk and soy burgers with their Bible stories. They love all of these.

This is the end of our post, but not the end of our seasons, and definitely not the end of the need. If you feel you would like to donate to any of these programs, or to the general need for food distribution at this time, please do!