“To plant a garden is to believe in tomorrow”

It’s spring, many of us are inspired to garden. Well, let us inspire you even more! In Kalulu Village, Malawi there are gardens too. This family, thanks to their Foundations for Farming training, have developed a vegetable garden around their home, are working a compost pile, have put in Moringa trees with more being added to work as fence posts, have discovered organic ways to eradicate garden bugs …WOW! They supply all their vegetable needs and even have surplus to sell. This is practical training at its best.

Let’s wash our hands!

What are we told to do constantly during this pandemic? Wash our hands! Think about what that would mean in Kalulu Village, where there is no running water…or soap. An exciting development is that Royson and Isaac and two village ladies have learned how to make soap. Stand as One will supply the base ingredients, and soap will result, enabling the women to have an income business. ✋✋✋✋

Mitongwe Titans

AT our training centre in Malawi we have started a sports academy, partnering with TeamUp Canada. We want to use sports to teach our youth how to work together and train them in leadership, responsibility and persistence. Our coaches Jeremiah and Steven are committed to these, often unemployed, young people. A friendly competition between village teams is a perfect way to build a relationship with the generation that holds Malawi’s future.

Their very first paycheque!

You can sense their joy. These young men made money for the very first time in their lives. Their self-esteem is on the rise! Our training centre in Malawi, at Mitongwe Woodland Reserve, has become the largest employer in the region since 2019, now employing 70 people. Agriculture, cooks, cleaners, mechanics, masons and carpenters. We are working to train.

“container of miracles”

We have all been staying close to home… but our “container of miracles” has been travelling across the world! It is still en route, meanwhile, the Mitongwe team is getting ready to receive it. They are improving the road, and an offloading ramp is being constructed, a lot of work but also a lot of excitement.