Working Towards Christmas

In North America, we are working towards Christmas, and this year working to understand our new regulations. However, in Malawi, they are just working.

If anyone needs evidence of the hard work that takes place on the farm, here it is! There were ditches to be dug, there were willing, strong volunteers, and there WERE gloves. The ditches are perfect, the volunteers survived, but the gloves will need to be replaced.

Engaging and mentoring the community children is a priority at Mitongwe. We have started the Young Warriors Club. We offer games, soccer training, food and fun! Here you can see them enjoying a delicious bowl/cup of Fraser Valley Gleaners Soup, and running off some of that energy on the soccer pitch. Over 120 children now come to the farm for these events. Thanks to all the volunteers at Fraser Valley Gleaners, and of course our staff at Mitongwe.

Is it best to learn in the early morning hours when we are fresh, and the heat hasn’t worn us out? We hope so because there are tractor driving lessons happening at 5 AM at Mitongwe. That may also be because that is the only spare time Deon has in his busy schedule, but we are excited for these new volunteers to get to work.

These are some of the women gathering regularly for Bible Study, giving them a chance for bible learning, discussion, friendship and shade.

Kalulu Village is continuing to inspire families to join our Foundations for Farming Program, which means we have more families that need sponsors.

The Zakeyo Family are working hard and experiencing many improvements due to the FfF program.  Their home has improved with an eco-toilet provided by Stand as One.  The family has already prepared planting stations so that when the rains come they will be ready for planting. In the photo you can see the compost pile prepared for the season – they will carry the manure to their field.  The family of 3 will need 12 bags of maize for the year.  Last season they harvested 6 bags so they will likely still experience some food insecurity this year.  They will plan to purchase the additional maize they require.