Youth Programs

We are determined to build hope into the lives of the children and youth, hope for a better future. Our idea for change is to capture our young people with something they very much enjoy being a part of, and along the way give them opportunities to discover themselves, their gifts and their talents.

At present

We have options in place in Kalulu Village and Mitongwe Reserve. There are Sunday School sessions for guidance and friendship. There are youth clubs for mixing activities with education. There are Sports Clubs that add a level of team building, cooperation, and commitment. Soccer teams, leagues and tournaments have given us a chance to introduce life lessons, fun, and giving back to our communities.

Why are we doing this?

Our youth in Malawi are not given much opportunity. 75% of them are completely lacking the education or motivation to move on in life. Their respect for others and society is absent. The main constant in their life is poverty and hunger. 25% do some small hand-to-mouth businesses, but no real source of income. Many have great potential but lack the guidance and means to successfully achieve their dreams. Failure is natural, their disappointment isn’t listened to. We hope to be a bridge for many of these youth to realize and reach their dreams.

How we work

We want to create better conditions for all children around our Mitongwe Woodland Reserve and lay a solid foundation for the future in education and agriculture. Every Saturday and Sunday morning from 8:00 AM to 1:00 PM, the children gather for a morning of fellowship, a meal, education and fun. The children enjoy the games and lessons and the homework assignments are carried out with enthusiasm. Several parents came by to tell how happy they are with the initiative.

How you can help?