Gabriel and Victoria Dix Health & Wellness Center

We are building a Medical Center at the Stand as One Ministry Chisomo Training Center in Malawi, Africa in memory of Victoria and Gabriel.  The center will provide the community with primary health care and education. 

Victoria and Gabriel Dix both had a chance to bring their caring hearts to Malawi, volunteering at Nkhoma Hospital, and nurturing babies to health in the Infant Rescue Program supported by Stand As One. Their involvement impacted them and those they were able to help.

The construction of this facility is underway, the curriculum is being developed and we are continuing to fundraise for this project.

The Gabe and Victoria Dix Health and Wellness Fundraising Progress

What We Stand For


Our vision is to create community-based environments of care and opportunity to achieve lives free from poverty.


Our mission is to provide Shelter, Training, Agriculture, Nutrition, and Development. We empower people living in poverty to transform their lives, their children’s futures and their communities.


Our values and goals as a faith-based ministry, are to work with the world’s most vulnerable population living in poverty.

Move 4 Malawi

Whew! Can you imagine devoting 5 weeks to “Moving” for a cause? Well, 110 normal people just did that for our Move4Malawi Challenge to raise funds for Stand As One Ministry. THANK YOU!!
Thanks to all the hard work and rides and runs and hikes and walks. Thanks to all the donors who took the time to check it out and support our work.

We raised $34,473.00!!


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